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Batch Type BB Fertilizer Production Line

Batch type BB fertilizer production line

What is BB Fertilizer

The full name of BB fertilizer is bulk blending fertilizer, it’s a kind of compound granule fertilizer mixed by several single fertilizers or compound fertilizers according to certain proportion. It has characters of granule uniformity, less water, granule intensity moderate, no agglomeration store, easy to use and low cost.

Batch Type BB Fertilizer Production Line Introduction

This batch type BB fertilizer production line is used to produce bulk blending fertilizer efficiently. It is designed according to different soil components in different areas and specific requirements of compound fertilizer factories and chemical fertilizer manufacturers.

Product Process of Batch Type BB Fertilizer Production Line

BB fertilizer

PLC control system of computer Automatic proportional batching raw materials Lifting by slope scraper Mixing by rollerMixed materials disposed into storage silos of weighing machine Quantitative packaging (10-50kg/bag) Conveying and sewing Finished product pelletizing storage.

Why Choose Our BB Fertilizer Production Line?

1. Adopts pit-style batching and accumulative weighing type, convenient to convey and transport the raw materials, easy to operate, saving labor.

2. Uses Germany Siemens PLC centralized control system, the whole production process is fully automatic.

3. Big capacity, 10 tons-30 tons per hour, more suitable for big capacity production lines.

4. Can be customized according to different requirements of customers.

Working Process of Bach Type BB Fertilizer Production Line

1. Firstly, we should determine the types of raw fertilizer material to batch (2-6 types). Put materials into each raw materials stock bin separately by manual.

BB fertilizer line

2. Then the raw material bin will discharge materials by automatic accumulative type into the weighing hopper according to the ratio of weight in order. The detail process is: Batching system will firstly weigh and batch various materials in turn following a set of order and weight. First open the storage hopper 1, feed materials to the weighing hopper. At the beginning with a large feed, when the weight of material 1 is close to the setting value, it will become into fine feed automatically, close the storage hopper 1 until the weight reaches the target value; Then open the following silo, and finish batching materials 2, 3, 4... in turn according to the same principle.

3. After complete batching all of the materials, weighing bucket will open material leaking door to feed materials into drum rotary mixing machine by belt conveyor. At the same time, batching system continue to start a new round batching. 

4. When mixing finished, the mixed materials are transported to the weighing and packaging silo, then go into the weighing, packaging, conveying and sewing process to finish the batching job.

5. Then batch mixing followed cycle by cycle.

batch type BB fertilizer li

Application Range of Batch Type Production Line

This batch type mixing packaging production line is mainly for BB fertilizer, Compound Fertilizer, Formulated Fertilizer by soil testing, drip irrigation fertilizer, chemical product, feed and other industries.

Technical Parameters of Batch Type BB Fertilizer Production Line

Model HRSD10 HRSD15 HRSD30

Types of raw material

4-6 types 4-6 types 4-6 types

Producing capacity

10-12 t/h 15-18 t/h 15-18 t/h

Weighing range

5-50kg 5-50kg 5-50kg
Weighing accuracy


0.2% 0.2%


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